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In the year 1988 John took his three daughters and wife to Taiwan. Their girls were eight, ten and twelve at the time. It was a great step of faith because they had no promise of support from anyone except their Aunt Thelma. She promised to send them one hundred dollars a month. However, they needed over fourteen hundred dollars a month. Where would all of that money come from? After they arrived in Taiwan, John was able to get some good jobs teaching English in order to support his family. The income from those jobs, along with some offerings, which were often given unexpectedly from different friends, helped them to pay the bills. That first year was very tight and they often did not know how they would make ends meet but God always provided for them. John jokes that he gained weight because he thought each meal was his last and he ate too much! God used this circumstance to prove that He cannot fail – He will always meet our needs when we learn to put our faith in Him. For eighteen years they have lived by faith and God has provided thousands of dollars in answer to prayers.

Before leaving for Taiwan they consulted with a home-school expert who recommended a good curriculum of Christian books for their three children. During the first year in the country John spent four hours every morning home-schooling the children. The second year in Taiwan this situation changed, when they joined together with three other missionary families to make a small home school for all of their children. In order to do this they rented out the top floor of an apartment building and did some renovations to convert it over for the children’s use. Then they cooperated together by taking turns to teach a variety of different subjects that were needed by their children. This plan worked very well and enabled them to continue their education. Since that time they have all gone on to graduate from High School. Their oldest daughter Koreen is now married to a minister, has two children and lives in Minnesota. Their second daughter Sharlene, is a fifth year student in The University of Hawaii and lives in Hawaii. Their youngest daughter, Christine, will graduate from Edmonds Community College in Seattle.

Another difficulty they faced concerned the weather in Taiwan, which is very different from the city of Seattle where they originated from. Seattle has four distinct seasons and temperatures averaging from sixty five to eighty in the summer time. Taiwan, on the other hand never has a fall nor a winter season. For eight months they have a very hot and humid summer with temperatures ranging from eighty six to ninety four degrees. During the three summer months it averages ninety degrees every day and only cools down about three degrees at night. For many years they had no air-conditioning. In order to cope with the hot weather they turned a fan on all night in the bedrooms and slept under mosquito nets. They needed the nets because of the abundance of mosquitoes! One night John and Hyoncha woke up at three a.m. to the sounds of screams from two of their daughters. It seems that a very large cockroach had gotten inside the girls nets and demanded immediate attention!

Not many opportunities for ministry came up in that first year and they spent many hours in prayer that the Holy Spirit would make a way for them to witness to the Taiwanese people and open up more opportunities to minister in the country. They felt a great burden for these people who did not know our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was a country filled with idolatry and witchcraft. The city of Taiwan, where they made their home, had over 300 temples devoted to idols in it alone. On one occasion they witnessed a demon possessed man with no shirt on, slashing his chest with a sword. The man felt no pain and was demonstrating his supernatural power to the on-lookers. He was surrounded by a ring of impressionable young children.

When they first entered the country they felt a great spirit of oppression upon the people. In a recent survey of the public it was discovered that over thirty seven percent felt totally worthless – their lives had no meaning. The Bible says, “The sorrows of those who have bartered for another God will be multiplied…” Psalm 16:4 As the first year progressed a wonderful day came when they won their first soul to Jesus Christ! What a great thrill it was! Since that time they have prayed with many to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. They have also developed an extensive counseling and healing ministry for broken hearted people and broken relationships.

Sad News:  John and Hyoncha's dad, David, passed away Monday morning (August 18th) about 12:34 AM. 

He went out for a walk and we don't know if he fainted or not but he fell backward on concrete and he had massive bleeding on his brain in the back of his head. 

From the pressure it pushed his brain stem to one side and he went brain dead I believe Saturday some time,  and right after Mark and Helen arrived with Chris, he passed away. 

A great man of God has gone home.

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