"Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for an inheritance,
and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession."
Psalms 2:8


Japan is a wealthy and well developed country that has become very materialistic and secular. A large part of the population has no belief in any God.  It is also one of hardest counties in Asia to win people to Jesus Christ. Only four tenths of one percent are considered to be Protestant.  Over eighty percent claim no personal religion but they still follow their old religious practices out of duty.

They used to worship their emperors as God but that practice was abolished at the end of World War II, when the United Stated occupied Japan.  As a race, they have not yet taken responsibility for the great sufferings they inflicted on other peoples during the great war.  On the one hand, they are very polite, hard working and honest but on the other hand, they are very nationalistic and cannot see their own sins. Right after the war there was a period of seven golden years in which the people were very open to the Gospel.

Unfortunately there was not much missionary activity in the country at the time and so the impact on the country was limited. Please pray that another time of similar opportunity will come when the people are once again wide open to the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1992 Hyoncha and I began to go to Japan for ministry. The Holy Spirit put that country on our hearts and we have since gone there quite a few times – especially in the Osaka city area.  Our good friend, Tony Abram, introduced us to a missionary and his wife (Jim and Darla) from Japan , who have helped us each time we have visited that country. They have also become our good friends and have a church on the beautiful island of Sumoto , which we ministered in.

One of the more interesting opportunities we have had to preach the Gospel to the Japanese was at a wedding ceremony I was asked to perform in a wedding chapel in a large hotel in Osaka .  Most of those who attended were not Christians.  Sometimes the best time to preach is at a wedding because the people in attendance would never come to a church.  The bride and groom both spoke some English and so I gave their wedding vows to them in English! Afterwards we had a great time of fellowship at the reception.

We have come to be especially associated with, “The Good Samaritan Church.” It is one of the fastest growing churches in the Osaka area and has recently started a school that has grades one to twelve.  On our last visit with them, we ministered to the children.  We have an interesting relationship with the pastor of this church because he was ordained by our recommendation in a special service at our home church in Seattle .

Over the years the Lord has given us precious souls for Jesus among the Japanese. Each one is very special. In the future we believe that revival will come to this race of people and it will make up for all of the barren years.

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