"Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for an inheritance,
and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession."
Psalms 2:8


For the past eleven years we have been going to the country of Malaysia and ministering to the Chinese and Indian parts of the population (with some ministry to the Tribal peoples, also).  The country is divided into four separated races – Malay (49.5%), Chinese (25.4%), Indian (7.2%), Tribal peoples (8.2%).  Each race has remained separate and maintained their own culture. It is dominated by the Moslems, who come from the Malay race.  They control the government, the army and the police and have made it illegal to witness to any Moslem or to even give them a Bible. 

We feel a special burden to pray for the Moslems that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts to the Gospel.  While the Malays control the government, the Chinese control the economy and this gives them some influence.  The tribal people, on the other hand, are very poor and often do not even have electricity, running water or any education.  There is a contest going on between the Christian churches and the Moslems for their hearts and souls.

Last year we went to Malaysia again, in the month of November. We ministered in different churches to both the Chinese and Indian peoples. In the last church we ministered at, we also did a great deal of counseling. This was a church with a mixed congregation of Chinese and Indians.  One of the reasons for the mixed congregation is that the pastor is Indian and his wife is Chinese. They are both ordained ministers and he is the head of the pastors association in the city of Kluong .

The year before, we had been at this same church and heard some wonderful testimonies from our previous ministry.  One young lady that we had counseled with had been in a serious depression. After our prayer she was delivered and a new joy came upon her countenance. The following year we found her to be a very different person. A nother brother testified to a great healing that had come between him and his mom and restored their broken relationship, through our ministry to him.

After counseling and during our prayer for deliverance with another brother, we felt compelled by the Lord to hold him in an embrace.  As we did that he felt the wonderful love of God sweep over him and he began to cry like a baby and he was healed.

Before leaving Malaysia , this same pastor invited us to come back in the month of November of this year for three weeks of special meetings.  Part of our ministry will be a teaching seminar on the counseling ministry and on building intimate relationships.

The pastor told us he will bring together nineteen churches for those special meetings. Please remember us in your prayers. Each time we have visited this country we have felt a great spiritual warfare coming against us. More so than in any other country we have ministered in and that is why we feel the need for a lot of prayer support.

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