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Rev. John Clark is currently on the third publication of his book, God's Plan for Healing the Heart. 

Several pocket books are also in production.  Check back soon for availability and purchasing information.

The price of the book is ten dollars. Our mailing address and telephone number are listed on our link, Contact us.

The name of the first booklet is, ‘God's Medicine for Overcoming Fear and Building up Faith.'”

God's Plan For Healing The Heart

This book is divided into three sections;

1.   The first part explains the origin and development of human suffering. Its purpose is to help each person to understand their own heart. We cannot find healing until we understand ourselves. An important part of this has to do with the greatest needs of our soul, which are to be loved - to love others and to find value. The failure to meet these needs leads to the death of our soul.

2.   The second part explains God's plan for healing our hearts. It is based upon the principle of transformation and the impartation of God's own love, through Jesus Christ. God does not want to merely fix the broken things in us - He wants to totally transform our hearts, through the mighty power of His love. This can only happen when we tear down the walls of anger, fear and mistrust that we have spent a lifetime of building up around our hearts.

3.   The third part introduces the counseling ministry. God's great desire is to use His own people to bring healing to a suffering world. Every one of us has been called to serve in His kingdom. We become the most effective in healing the hearts of others, when we learn how to deeply love them - to impart God's love into their hearts. In order to do this we must be filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, because without Him we cannot do anything.


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