"Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for an inheritance,
and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession."
Psalms 2:8


Our major ministry has been in Taiwan where we first came with our children back in 1988. Usually I minister in a different church each Sunday and have an evangelistic type meeting.  Many have responded to alter calls for salvation and spiritual healing in those meetings.  An important part of our ministry is winning souls to Jesus Christ. As a consequence, I have prayed with many to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  We have spent hours praying for the needs of people in our alter calls. My wife and I are also involved in counseling people every week.

An important part of our ministry has been to build up individual believers in their faith. As a result, we have become like spiritual parents to a lot of the Taiwanese Christians.  This requires us to have a great deal of personal fellowship with them. My wife is a very important part of this outreach and is much more outgoing then I am.

Hyoncha has a great ministry in hospitality and as a spiritual mother. She is continually having dinner parties at our place and they have often packed out our apartment.  People are always calling her for counseling and encouragement. Her conversational Chinese is getting better and better and is an indispensable aid in our outreach to people. Just last week on, “Mothers' Day,” she was invited to speak on being a mother at, Abundant Life Church .

Another important part of our ministry is teaching. Since we first came to Taiwan , I have had Bible studies in a lot of different places and have taught in three different Bible schools.  Recently I became the Dean of a Presbyterian Charismatic Seminary. One of my favorite things is to teach seminars on relationships and spiritual healing for the troubled heart. In recent years I have taught these seminars in a variety of different churches.

One of our important goals is to train others in the counseling and deliverance ministries. The vast majority of Pastors in this country, do not do any counseling of their church members and they have no training in this area. For this reason the churches are filled with troubled relationships and troubled hearts, who receive no help. Serious problems like adultery or a second wife are all too common.

In one survey of the Taiwanese people it was found that thirty seven percent felt totally worthless and like their life had no meaning.  When we teach on healing in opens the doors to the hearts of sinners and by this means we have prayed with quite a number to become Christians.

Please remember us in your prayers because we are involved in a great spiritual warfare for the hearts and minds of precious souls.  We greatly treasure your prayers for us.

May the Lord Jesus Christ crush Satan under your feet!

With love,

Rev. John and Hyoncha Clark

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